Fletro Pro v6.0 Premium Blogger Template

Fletro Pro v6.0 Premium Blogger Template Free Download
Fletro Pro v6.0 Update

The Fletro Pro template update now comes with version v6.0, apart from fixing some of the bugs that existed in the previous version, jagodesain.com also made changes and added some new features

Fletro Pro v6.0 template is designed and developed by jagodesain.com and is focused on UI/UX Designs. This template is highly responsive, fully seo optimised and suitable for adsense approval. This template is paid.

Several new features are added including some taken and refined from Median UI templates such as Post tabs, Table of content and so on. 

Fletro Pro Blogger Template have a lot of features that make your blog more attractive and user friendly. Fletro Pro v6.0 Blogger theme has many fearues such as Mobile friendly view, Auto read more with Thumbnail, SEO Friendly, Custom 404 page and many more.This features must be available in all blogger templates which makes the templates more user friendly and gives smooth user-experience.


A fresher look

We rewrote all the template code (including the CSS code) , so the most noticeable difference is in the template structure. In terms of appearance we changed some parts to be simpler.

Using CSS Variables for color rendering

Now we use CSS variable : root {} to give color to all elements. Now you don't need to have trouble changing the color of the template, especially for AMP users, just by changing one line of code, all the colors will automatically change.

It is easier to change the navigation link

In the latest version we added a new widget as an alternative for those of you who have difficulty editing the navigation menu in the HTML template, this new widget can be edited directly via the Blogger layout, including social media links that can also be edited easily.

The disadvantage of this widget is that it cannot use limited default dropdowns and icons but that is enough for those of you who want to focus more on blogging rather than busy yourself with editing templates.

Almost all colors can be changed in the Blogger Theme Designer

Including the address bar color on mobile, you can also change it directly without editing the HTML template. We also separate colors based on elements such as special colors for header, footer and so on.

The share button is simpler

Now we put a share button at the top of the post and a button to activate the pop-up on the header

Stopped development of the Lite version

Because this version is less attractive to users, we decided to remove it from the product package, instead of updating it we provide a standard version for those who have purchased this version.


There are many bug reports that we receive and fix, here we only write down some of the important fixes we made including:
  • Fixed some non-changeable colors
  • Fixed the comment icon that can't be clicked
  • Fixed the Table of Content script which only supports Latin text
  • Fixed the date and author name that cannot be hidden through the Blogger layout
  • Fixed misaligned date position in Grid Mode view
  • And several other improvements

Added New Features

Style in updated posts

We rewrote all post styles in this updated version including adding some new styles which you can see on this page

New ad slot placement

New additional ad slots are also available in the latest version including In-feed ads (ads between list of posts) and Anchor ads which will only appear on mobile views. We have written all the guides for activating some of these ad slots on the documentation blog.

Slider widget on the homepage

We added an image slider on the front page but it has to be activated first. There are 2 versions of the slider available, namely large and mini. You can try it directly through the Blogger layout.

Sponsor Only Posts

Sometimes there are several blogs that open advertising services in the form of posts, or open guest posts for fellow Bloggers. To facilitate this we added a custom post view with a slightly different layout. To activate it you only need to add the label 'Sponsored' to the post.

Blogger comment pop-up

This feature was initially only available for iMagz templates, because there were so many requests that we also added it to other templates. You can also easily disable this feature if you don't like it.

Disqus onscroll comments

The difference with disqus comments that are already available is that these comments will automatically be loaded when the user scrolls the page to the comments section (without needing to click the 'Show comment' button) .

Some of the other new features we did not list here, you can read the summary in the Fletro Pro changelog

Note: All template documentation is redirected to docs.jagodesain.com, please contact jagodesain and send your email requesting login access.

Features Availability
Fast Loading Yes
SEO Optimised Yes
Responsive Yes
Google Speed Insights Check Yes
Custom 404 Page Yes
Featured Posts Yes
Shortcodes Yes
Ads Ready Yes
Change Footer Credit Yes
Follow By Email Widget Yes
Featured Post Widget Yes
Popular Posts Widget Yes
Social Share Buttons Yes
Search Yes
Dark Mode Yes

If you want this template then get it from https://theme.jagodesain.com/2020/05/template-fletro-pro.html. Don't buy this template or download it illegally always respect blogger template developer they work really very hard to design it.

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